Why Won’t Audiophiles Add A HDTV To Their System?

Why Won’t Audiophiles Add A HDTV To Their System?

Several years and decades ago, I started out an audiophile website to go together with
HomeTheaterReview.com for two reasons. The to start with was that, at that time, I experienced
a saleswoman performing for me with decades of audiophile contacts she imagined
would want to function with us. The second was a hunch that particular audiophile
consumers were so caught in their ways that when they heard the phrase “home
theater” that they in the long run turned off to the strategy of advertising and marketing with us.
Time proved us to be suitable on both of those fronts. Stereotypically, audiophiles really do not
truly like household theater. Digging deeper – traditionalists would under no circumstances pollute
their pure audiophile rigs with online video, AV preamps, surround seem speakers and
all the other goodies that go with a dwelling theater. I get their lengthy-standing
perspective even while I really don’t personally concur.

The concern that I have with audiophiles right now as we so terribly want to evolve
for a new technology of tunes lovers and technologies lovers is: why will not
audiophiles put a UHD-Television set any place near their primary speakers?

demo room

At any regional audiophile show, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of rooms
whole of audio shows jammed into very small rooms. Often the Tv set is relegated to
one more, meaningless component of the area or eliminated absolutely together with the mattress
and most of the other home furniture. Why?

Are you telling me that the sonic influence of a bodily Tv again guiding a pair
of glorious floorstanding speakers is SO effective that it will have an affect on the audio
far more than say the 10 other speakers with vibrating drivers even when they
are not hooked up? Do you think the Tv set will degrade the imaging or “first buy
reflections” extra than the limitless howl of the lodge HVAC system or the
clanking of the nearby ice equipment? Not a probability there close friends. Past, how about
the seem of all the people speaking (even quietly) in the audiophile hotel demo
home? That’s probable messing up the seem knowledge far more than just about anything.

It is time to get over the audiophile cling-ups about integrating a
television, be it at a show or in your listening place at residence.

Basically set, the joy and entertainment that video clip (even in two-channel or 2.1
playback) can bring outweighs any feasible, slight sonic influence. In point, I
really do not consider even the most golden-ear of mastering engineers could listen to the
distinction in a area with a 65 inch Samsung Frame hung on the back again wall of a
nicely-handled audiophile room. I am sorry. I would bet large that they could not
listen to the sonic result or agree that they are worthy of pulling the set out of the

Today’s audio creatively has its ups and downs, to be polite. Today’s
tv material has never ever been greater many thanks to streaming. I try to remember the times
of bumping into Rick Rubin and other audio business giants at midnight on
Monday (really, it just turned Tuesday morning) at Tower Information on Sunset
Boulevard to purchase, say the new Peter Gabriel or Rush history that was introduced
THAT Evening so that we all could just take it residence and rock out in Hollywood right until
the solar arrived up. Today, in a a lot more contemporary era, I really feel the exact same urgency about the
display Billions and so a lot of other reveals, just about all of which are on mainstream
streaming services. The most effective expertise (actors, writers and administrators) operate on
streaming platforms. Sorry network Television set, we’re no for a longer period in an era wherever there is
a stigma about going from motion pictures to television. The ideal information is streaming
in 4K ideal into your Roku or Apple Television set. Why would not Sons of Anarchy, or
Breaking Terrible, or Better Get in touch with Saul, or Succession, or Ray Donovan, audio greater
through your Krell and Wilson set up than via a soundbar or tiny theater in
a further area?

I never know how numerous of us can justify $100,000 for a roll-up OLED Tv set like
LG’s OLED-R, but it is amazing and it would solve so lots of of the historical
concerns about TVs in audiophile rooms.


A standard video clip projector and a roll-down monitor also can be an
powerful resolution for people audiophiles who just just cannot wrap their minds all over
the concept of Just about anything other than acoustical treatment plans remaining forever
installed on the wall at the rear of their speakers. Today’s “low-value projectors” are
stunningly superior at $2,000 to $3,000 and get even superior with more investments.
Roll-down screens can be hidden in your dry wall and only be used when required.
They also can have more than enough acquire to permit daytime movie satisfaction much too.
Projectors, with a small help from a handyman or an AV installer, can be
hidden in a modestly priced fall-down lift in the current stud bay in your
listening room’s ceiling with small fuss or muss.


Long term Views on the Audio Passion

My own favorite alternative for audiophiles, as I own two of them, is the
Samsung Frame which has been quite popular for the brand name and way of living buyers.
The online video efficiency of the established is fantastic, but it is the customizable
“picture frame” aesthetic that draws persons in. Samsung has created them better
and far better. They’ve improved their “art collection” that you can purchase as a
display saver and the expense has absent down. They really search good put in in
your home.

There are a ton of selections for online video in a contemporary audiophile home if we dare
to develop our horizons.

It is time to get started wondering about the long term of the pastime, a interest that has
some really silly procedures and tendencies. Television content material is far better than the
motion pictures and creatively much more significant than today’s well-known songs. Test arguing
with that when enjoying the new Woman Gaga report over viewing the season finale
of Billions.  I know, you just cannot make that argument can you?

Enable me go 1 deeper… what if your sizeable other wished to devote much more
time in your listening home (and with you) if you could enjoy a exhibit or two
collectively? Would they realize your investments in audio a lot more if they
knowledgeable the gains? I wager they would.

It is time to just take standard audiophile procedure configurations to the next
amount. Are you video game?  

Replicant 7 posts on April 25, 2022 04:26

Many thanks for publishing this Gene. @gene, I relished examining it! You know Gene, back again in the mid 80’s I experienced a two channel setup, Sensible Optimus two channel stereo receiver, with TT, CD player, VCR stereo unit. 25″ Magnavox color console Television set, cassette tape decks, 10 band EQ. Of study course I experienced 4 speakers utilizing the A/B swap, furthermore two more compact speakers at ear peak dealing with every single facet of the sofa. That was my umm encompass, didn’t know at that time what surround was, cause there was not any such point. Position of my write-up is that I knew decades in the past just how significant to have a Tv set built-in into your set up. Confident I experienced a incredibly awesome tube amp just for music use. Fast forward to present working day, I unquestionably could not believe not getting a nice size 4K tv integrated into my setup cuz if I failed to I would drop my mind.

gene posts on April 25, 2022 04:01

In this editorial, Jerry Del Coliano ponders the concern about audiophiles embracing a Television in their procedure.

It truly is time for the audiophile industry to start off considering about the upcoming of the hobby, a passion that has some quite foolish policies and tendencies. Why are dedicated 2 channel fans so hesitant to embrace adding a display when television written content is greater than the videos and creatively extra crucial than today’s well known new music?


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