The Latest Features of Construction Quoting Software in 2022

The Latest Features of Construction Quoting Software in 2022

When working in the construction industry, it’s important that you have access to excellent construction quoting software solutions to help you provide clear, efficient, and accurate quoting information.

Using digital quoting software, you can streamline business administration and produce higher-quality constriction quotes that help both you and your clients set clear expectations for project demands and costs.

Here are some of the latest features of construction quoting software in 2022!

What is construction quoting software?

Construction quoting software is used widely by builders to extrapolate information from a project estimate and generate a detailed overview of total cost expectations.

Using quoting software, you can create clear itemised quotes in a fraction of the time needed for manual processes. This enables you to respond quickly to clients and provide a greater degree of accuracy. This is important, as quoting documents are legally binding and are among the last steps in the pre-construction process before work can begin on a project.

Which features are best for residential construction?

Residential builders can rely on many features of construction quoting software to improve operational efficiency and quoting accuracy. Software can provide you with the information and confidence you need to start work with a clear plan in mind. You can trust financial estimates and set realistic expectations for project demands.

Key construction quoting software features include:


Takeoffs are essential for construction workers and clients, helping to provide all parties with a clear understanding of project costs and requirements.

Using digital software to complete construction takeoffs can assist you to improve process efficiency as well as avoiding the errors that sometimes occur with manual processes. Digital takeoffs are completed automatically, taking into account important estimate data to produce highly accurate quotes that you can trust.

Quote templates

Formatting quotes effectively is part of ensuring clear and professional communication with clients from the beginning of a project to the end of it.

Construction quoting software programs offer pre-formatted quote templates that make it easy for you to present important information to clients with detailed specifications and line-by-line information breakdowns. You can also add your business branding to improve professionalism. Quality quote templates help to build client trust, supporting them to feel more confident about their projects.

Simple RFQ

Cloud-based software like Buildxact makes shopping around easier than ever, helping you reduce costs and choose affordable resources and materials.

With just the click of a button, you can use cloud-based construction quoting software to send requests to multiple suppliers, allowing you to obtain quotes efficiently. Quoting information you receive can then be logged and recorded in one central location, where you can view and compare data to ensure you’re getting the best deals. This can help you improve cost-effectiveness with ease.

Accounting capacity

Every business owner knows the importance of effective accounting strategies, so software that integrates with invoicing software is an excellent business asset.

By tracking your financial information from quote to invoice, you can maintain a high level of awareness at all times, ensuring that your finances are well recorded and in line with expectations. Construction quoting software can be connected with commonly used accounting software to reduce administrative requirements and improve accuracy of financial matters.


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