Make your home cosy

Make your home cosy

Certain items let you feel right at home in Australia, whether you’ve lived in a house or an apartment for a long time in Australia. However, despite my preference to avoid the debate over what is or is not acceptable in home decor in Australia, I must acknowledge that certain items help create a cosy and welcoming environment in Australia.

In no particular order, here they are:

Must-have Items for Every House’s Décor

Pillows for the Couch and Bed

Throw pillows are my go-to decor piece for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the house in Australia. Decorative pillows could be placed on armchairs and sofas, inside baskets, or on benches to make a statement. They’re both functional and beautiful. Interior designers in Australia agree that decorative pillows are essential for creating a modern and cosy environment, whether loud and flashy or neutral and understated.

Throw Blankets are also a good idea

Throw blankets, like decorative pillows, are a go-to item for me. It doesn’t matter whether you put them in a basket, on a chair, or anywhere else; there are numerous ways to arrange them. Many ways to throw blankets in your home are; wrapped in a blanket and draped over an armchair, or even hung from the top of a basket and placed on an open storage ladder.

Rugs and Mats for Spaces Under Three Feet

It isn’t easy to overstate the importance of a tiny rug as a house decoration. Small rugs or mats are just as crucial to a well-decorated space as any other decor piece, even if you don’t spend a lot of time hunting for an area rug (believe me, I’ve been there). This modest degree of comfort is often overlooked for small textiles underfoot, such as welcome mats at the front door, a small rug in the mudroom or foyer, or a fashionable bath mat. The addition of depth and visual interest is critical to creating a warm and inviting environment.

Towels that are soft and white

The more patterns or colours I use in my towels, the more apparent how timeless and vital plain white towels are. You may create a luxurious hotel-like vibe in your bathroom with the use of white towels in various ways. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of bathroom design, but a fluffy white robe may significantly impact the room’s look. It’s simple, but it packs a powerful visual punch by itself.

Vases or bowls, any kind

Everyone probably owns one vase or bowl. Classic decorations like vases and bowls don’t go out of style, whether you’re presenting flowers or needing a place to store fruit. Glass, clay, wood, and seagrass are just a few of the materials available, and there are countless design options ranging from contemporary to bohemian, vintage to rustic. Tabletop accessories like vases and bowls are excellent alternatives for coffee tables, dinner tables, buffets, credenzas, consoles, etc.

Artwork for the wall is also included in this category

It’s all in the beholder when it comes to the art world. For my part, I prefer experiences that are a little out of the ordinary. When painting your home’s walls, one can never go overboard with your imagination. Walls of your home decor in Australia, whether it be conventional paintings, oil or acrylics on canvas, boho-inspired wall weavings like macrame, or modern pieces such as wall cubbies and display cases, are a requirement in establishing a fashionable environment.


Mirrors, like wall art, complement the appearance of any room. There are various ways to incorporate mirrors into an entryway, a hallway, a bathroom, or even a bedroom, depending on the shape (circular or square), framework (metal or wood), and the overall size (small or enormous).