Latest Trends on Bathrooms

Latest Trends on Bathrooms

Whether designing a new bathroom or redecorating your current one, keep up with the latest bathroom trends. Bathroom design is an area of the home that can reflect your personality and style. In 2022, natural textures will expand into bathroom design beyond the kitchen and living room. In addition, Freestanding baths and basins will be all the rage.

Natural Textures Will Expand From the More Comprehensive Home into Bathroom Design

Natural textures are a big trend for the year ahead, and this trend will be seen in many different ways throughout the home, including bathroom design. Rattan, cane, and wicker are all excellent examples of natural textures, and they are neutral and can be incorporated into any design scheme. They also bring a biophilic touch to any design scheme. If you’re looking for a simple way to get natural textures into your bathroom, start with accessories and lighting and ask professionals from Striking Remodels Denver CO they might help. You can also consider incorporating large pieces of furniture with natural textures.

White Marble Will Remain a Popular Material in 2022

While terrazzo and natural wood are making a comeback, white marble is still a popular choice for bathroom countertops. It makes the space feel larger, more relaxed, and brighter. It is also a timeless and luxurious choice.

Freestanding Basins

One of the latest bathroom trends is the use of freestanding basins. They make for great compositions in minimalist spaces. The most common tiles for bathrooms in 2022 are multi-paned, with hexagonal tiles also on trend. Marble is also enjoying a moment in the spotlight in bold slab-style applications. Another new trend is using large-format tiles, which have fewer grout lines. They create a cleaner look and still use bold colors.

Glass Panel Walk-In Showers

A glass panel walk-in shower is a great way to open up a space and create a minimalist and modern feel. This style is also a great way to break away from the traditional shower and bathtub. The tile used in this design can be matte or glossy and can give the space a spa-like aesthetic.

Fluted Designs

Fluted designs have been making waves in interior design for over a year now. The look is tactile and evokes a sense of art deco glamour. The trend originated in kitchens with reeded glass cupboards and has spread to many other rooms, including bathrooms. Fluted designs are now found on vanities, shower doors, and beautifully textured basins.

Natural Colors

Natural colors are an excellent choice for bathrooms. They provide a calming atmosphere that is ideal for the shower and toilet. Natural colors such as green are also known to help reduce stress. People are looking for ways to reduce stress and make their homes feel more tranquil. Natural colors are ideal for the bathroom since it is often where you pamper yourself.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding bathtubs add a feeling of airiness to the bathroom. They are often made of stone resin or copper and can complement any bathroom design. Although they can be costly, freestanding tubs add value to the home and are perfect for a modern minimalist bathroom.

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