Jake Gyllenhaal says this bedroom item helped film sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on The Howard Stern Clearly show this week to discuss his new

Jake Gyllenhaal appeared on The Howard Stern Clearly show this week to discuss his new Netflix thriller The Guilty (our shoulders have but to descend three-times submit viewing) and share some insights from his outstanding occupation. 

Rewinding two many years, Stern questioned Gyllenhaal about his time filming the 2002 dim comedy The Very good Woman reverse Jennifer Aniston. Especially, what was it like filming enjoy scenes with your on-screen crush? In a nutshell, wonderful torture. 

In the film published by Mike White (The White Lotus), Aniston plays a lady who is bored in her marriage and occupation at the nearby grocery shop. Gyllenhaal plays a new staff who sparks Aniston’s curiosity, and the pair have interaction in an affair. Filmed in 2001 for the duration of a hiatus from Pals, Aniston had now attained A-lister standing and understandably designed for simple crush substance. 

During this week’s interview, Stern revisited prior feedback Gyllenhaal had made about filming The Superior Woman when he discovered that he experienced a crush on Aniston at the time, which created filming ‘torture.’ “Oh yeah, it was torture, sure it was,” said Gyllenhaal. “But it was basically not torture. I indicate, arrive on. It was a blend of equally.”

“Weirdly, like scenes are awkward mainly because there are it’s possible 30, 50 persons observing it. It’s possible if you have a shut set which is less,” continued Gyllenhaal. “That doesn’t switch me on. Most of the time it can be oddly mechanical. And also it truly is a dance. You happen to be choreographing for a digicam.”

To help lower the probability of any protrusion (Stern’s words), Gyllenhaal reported that Aniston was speedy with a suggestion on how to make sex scenes at ease for anyone. “I do keep in mind a pillow. The pillow technique was made use of. That was just preemptive and commonly normally made use of when really in a horizontal put in that film.” 

Even though the motion picture also bundled quite a few storage-home make-out scenes, the pillow was made use of at any time the actors and their figures were in mattress. “I imagine that was basically Jennifer’s recommendation. I assume she was essentially incredibly sort to propose it right before we started,” laughed Gyllenhaal, who was 21 at the time of filming with 32-year-old Aniston. “She was like, ‘I’m putting a pillow right here.’ That was all she claimed. I believe I remember that.”

Even though not all of us get to film sex scenes with our Hollywood crush, the pillow technique will most likely achieve some traction thanks to Gyllenhaal’s interview, which will assist several adult men steer clear of really uncomfortable conversations/protrusions.

Not only does Gyllenhaal’s latest job interview with Stern act as a reminder that Aniston has been a smoke demonstrate for decades, but it is probable going to give The Good Woman a significant increase for streamers. 

In addition to his not-so-astonishing responses on Aniston (did/does anyone not have a crush on Jennifer in 2001/2021?), Gyllenhaal also touched on his time operating with the late Heath Ledger on Brokeback Mountain, the generous acting tips he received early in his occupation from Chris Cooper, and what it’s like staying a new member of the Marvel Universe

Commonly limited-lipped about his particular lifestyle, Gyllenhaal also admitted that issues are heading extremely effectively with girlfriend Jeanne Cadieu, including that he hopes to be a excellent spouse and father someday. Time to show our pillow strategy, which will involve crying specifically into the softest section of the bedding for an hour straight.

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