A Comprehensive Guide to Steel Frames and Trusses in Australia

A Comprehensive Guide to Steel Frames and Trusses in Australia

Are you a homeowner residing somewhere in Australia? Have you recently heard about frames and trusses made of steel from one of your friends, relatives, or neighbours? With the myths going around the market, you may feel confused about whether to install steel framing on your property too.

If so, check this precise guide on steel frames and trusses to discover the myths and unlock the benefits they bring to every Australian homeowner.

Myths About Frames and Trusses

Myth 1: These Frames and Trusses Are Noisy

Truth: Steel frames are less noisy than timber frames, and there’s evidence to back this up. According to a study by CSIRO, most homeowners with steel frame installation at their house reported that it either had no sound emission or, even if it did, was no issue. Moreover, some homeowners said it produced less noise than their previous timber-framed house.

Myth 2: Steel Frames Expand When They Heat Up

Truth: The frames and trusses expand and contract reasonably, like other materials like plasterboard and cornices. It means there is a minimum to no chance for the cornice to crack due to any steel frame movement.

Myth 3: The Frames Aren’t Fireproof

Truth: As per basic science, steel is a non-combustible metal that won’t catch fire. You save your house from the potential risk of catching fire by alleviating the use of combustible material like timber in your roofing and frames. Steel frames reduce the speed and intensity of the fire, saving your home from a lot of potential damage and money.

Now that you know the myths about steel frames, it’s time to check the benefits they bring to homeowners upon installation.

Benefits of Steel Frames and Trusses In Australia

100% Termite Resistant

Termite infestation is a longstanding problem for Australian homeowners, costing millions annually. However, the frames and trusses are 100% termite resistant, saving you from the expensive inspections and enabling peace of mind about the health of your home structure.

Fire Safety

Any timber-made house can easily catch fire, exposing it to danger and damage. However, steel, well-known as a non-combustible material, cannot catch fire that easily. Considering the Australian climate, which is vulnerable to fire hazards, it’s safe to say that the frames and trusses are the ideal choices for optimal fire safety protection.

Sturdy and Highly Durable

Steels are much better than timber frames, prone to various measurement and structural issues like warping, shrinking, bowing walls, and cracks. The steel frames that come with their natural properties and premium-quality engineering ensure to wipe out every problem related to timber frame construction at homes.

Eco-Friendly Solution

You must know that these frames and trusses are recyclable. Anyone can easily recycle them without causing any loss or degradation of their properties. That’s why it’s considered a great eco-friendly solution for housing construction.


Unlike other materials, steel frames and trusses are more cost-effective. That’s because their initial cost is reasonable, and the maintenance cost is much more efficient in the long run. Plus, the cost of steel is stabler than the price of any other metal or material.

Ending Note

So, with this guide, you now know why so many Australians are opting for frames and trusses made of steel to build their houses. If you, too, want to enjoy the benefits of this premium-quality material for the next-level construction of your house, then contact the best contractor in Australia today.