9 Must-Have Smart Devices for Your Bedroom

Incorporating smart technology into your home is a great way to automate your living space,

Incorporating smart technology into your home is a great way to automate your living space, and the same can be said for your bedroom. With smart home technology, you can track your sleep, listen to music as you drift off, and never have to worry about getting up to switch off your lights or close the blinds.

If you’re looking to make your bedroom smarter, here are nine must-have smart devices you should get today.

1. Smart Bed

gray beddings and pillows on the bed

No smart bedroom is complete without a smart bed. Although this technology is still in its infancy, there is no denying the benefits a smart bed can bring to your bedtime experience.

Some of the smart beds in the market today can easily be integrated with Alexa or Google Assistant, allowing you to issue voice commands to adjust the bed. There are also beds that come with a mobile app, where you can control its temperature and track your sleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

If those features aren’t convincing enough, at least one iteration of the smart bed today can make itself with just one push of a button.

2. Smart Pillow

woman sleeping on pillow

Smart pillows are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Among these are pillows with electronics embedded right in. Others come in just small electronic inserts for your pre-existing pillows, while a few include handy bedside controllers.

But whatever the design may be, smart pillows provide you with a couple of handy features like preventing snoring, monitoring your sleep, and acting as a personal audio solution.

The best part is that some smart pillows are smart enough to keep track of your sleep pattern and decide when the best time to wake you up. This is something nice to have, especially if you don’t want to wake your partner up with a blaring alarm clock every morning.

3. Smart Speaker

black google home mini

If there is one device that could instantly transform your bedroom into a smart one, it’s definitely a smart speaker. Smart speakers are the heart of your smart home as the technology can do all sorts of things for you, from controlling your other smart devices to filling you in on the latest weather and traffic reports.

With an embedded digital assistant, you only need your voice to automate almost everything in your room. Smart speakers also double as your alarm clock. Apart from smart features, the speakers are great audio solutions as well. Lay back and relax in bed while you listen to your favorite singer or podcaster.

4. Smart Light Bulb

pendant lights turned on

If you are looking forward to making your bedroom smarter, chances are you have already installed smart devices in other parts of your home. So, why not take a page from the smart home book and convert your bedroom’s lighting with smart technology?

With smart light bulbs, you can simulate natural lighting in your bedroom to help you fall asleep faster and wake up easier. Simply set your light bulb to dim late at night or begin your mornings with a warm-toned white.

You also never have to worry about the irritating task of switching off the lights again since you can always ask your voice assistant linked to the light bulb to do it for you.

5. Smart Curtains or Blinds

light shining through black and white curtains

There is nothing more annoying than to get comfortable in bed after a long day only to realize that you forgot to close the blinds. Don’t worry. With smart curtains or blinds, you have the power to operate them right from the comforts of your bed.

Smart curtains or blinds can actually be used anywhere in your house. However, the technology is most useful in the bedroom. You won’t need to shut the curtains or blinds manually, and they can automatically open the next day to help you wake up with natural light.

As with any other smart home device, you can easily control your smart curtains or blinds using your voice or automate with routines. You can even integrate blinds or curtains with your alarm clock and set custom timers to open and close whenever you like.

6. Smart Bedside Table Lamp

white and wood bed with copper bedside table lamp

After drawing the curtains, you will likely need some lighting in your smart bedroom. However, a smart light bulb may be overkill if all you want is to read in bed or create some mood lighting to brighten up the room.

If this is the case, then a smart bedside table lamp is what you need. You can configure these devices to switch on and off based on various sensors. You can also choose from a wide range of colors. depending on the manufacturer, to give your space the exact ambiance you like.

7. Smart Air Purifier

woman meditating in bedroom

The quality of air in your home has a significant influence on your overall health. Because you spend more time in your bedroom than any other place in your house, the need for high-quality air is even more important. This is where smart air purifiers come into play.

Smart air purifiers work to keep your room’s air healthy and breathable, all while monitoring the air quality and updating you with reports. Some smart air purifiers also come with HEPA filters that can help eliminate 99.9 percent of unwanted particles, including dust, pet dander, smoke, and other allergens.

If the scent of cooked food and mildew permeates the air in your bedroom, this is also a must-have.

8. Smart Plug

outlet with plants growing

Smart plugs can make your existing electronics smarter. Once fitted with a smart plug, any device can be remotely controlled via an app or through a voice assistant.

This great technology also lets you make routines that can be activated by a trigger, like a sensor. For example, if your room temperature falls below a specific level at night, your fan will turn on automatically.

Another great use of smart plugs is reducing your anxiety. Because most people don’t have the luxury of a dressing room, the bedroom becomes a makeshift alternative. This means curling irons and hair straighteners are often left dangerously near flammable materials like curtains and beddings.

Having smart outlets allows you to control your devices even when you’re not at home. That way, if you accidentally forgot to unplug your curling iron, you can quickly switch it off from your phone on the way to work.

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9. Smart Star Projector

woman illuminated by blue lighting

What’s a bedroom without a bit of pizzazz? Using a star projector, you can bring the night sky into your bedroom and illuminate your ceiling with constellations. Both adults and kids will surely love the ambiance. And the best part is that some star projectors already feature built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Home support for even more convenience.

Make Your Sleeping Space Smarter

From sleep trackers to automatic blind openers, there are a variety of ways to bring technology into your bedroom, and setting it up is actually easier than you think.

But remember that smart bedrooms are not always about being high-tech but instead making your bedtime experience convenient and comfortable. Have fun upgrading your room.

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