5 Bathroom Design Ideas You Will Want To Copy Because The Are So Cute

5 Bathroom Design Ideas You Will Want To Copy Because The Are So Cute

Although the bathroom may be the smallest space in your home it can seem overwhelming when it comes time to remodel. There are many bathroom design options, from ceiling to floor to toilet to bathtub and everything in-between. Re-Bath’s design consultants have many years of experience in guiding homeowners through every step, from choosing fixtures and finishes to selecting tile colors and designs. They’ve learned some smart design tricks along the way that make it easier and more efficient. These are five of our top pro tips that will help you make smart remodeling choices.

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Use what you have

Budget increases can be caused by dramatic layout changes. It’s better to keep your bathroom’s original layout if you have a tight budget. It’s amazing how much a bathroom can change with the addition of new fixtures and materials. You can make your bathroom more spacious by replacing the existing vanity with a floating one. Or, you can choose a smaller vanity if you don’t need all of its storage. Your bathroom will feel bigger if you leave some negative space. Bathroom doors can also take up space. To save space, make sure that your bathroom door swings out and not in.

Fixtures should be a focal point

Vintage-style fixtures are very popular, but they don’t have to be original. Older fixtures can become prone to mold, hard water and mildew, which can lead to costly repairs down the line. However, the old is still good so choose fixtures that are more nostalgic. An old soapstone sink or a glass knob can make a beautiful focal point in a modern bathroom. There are many other styles available, from modern and sleek to traditional. Designers love mixing old and new. Make sure that the finishes complement each other.

Do not be afraid to take risks

The notion that small spaces should be bright and neutral is outdated, unless you are selling your home. This advice is for you. Your master bathroom is your private space that you use every day. Enjoy it! With their whimsical and beautiful designs, wallpaper has returned to the forefront. They can make your bathroom stand out and give it that personal touch. You can wallpaper the whole room or an accent wall to create a bold, colorful design. Look up if your tile covers a lot of walls. You can add dimension and interest to your space by using dark paint colors or jewel-toned fabrics.

Think about the tub.

Professional soakers are fine. However, if your tub is more about collecting laundry than holding water, you might want to consider getting rid of it, especially in the master bath. It’s not worth the space it takes up if you only use it once a year. Instead, make the most of that space to create a beautiful, walk-in bathroom with a bench seat and shelf. It will be more useful and you won’t have as much to clean it.

Embrace natural light

Sunlight can be a mood booster. Who wouldn’t want a little more energy on Monday mornings? It can also have an effect on how colors appear at different times of the day. If your bathroom has a window, make use of it! Blinds, shades and curtains that block sunlight should be removed. Choose sheer fabrics that allow for light through if privacy is an issue. Clear glass is best for your shower. Mirrors can be placed in the mirrors to allow natural light to bounce off of the glass and warm the room. You can create the same effects if your bathroom does not have a window that opens to the outside by using lighting that simulates natural sunlight.