34 Ways To Make Your Bedroom The Best Room In The House

Lovely tips, DIYs, and products that’ll make you never want to leave your room. We

Lovely tips, DIYs, and products that’ll make you never want to leave your room.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


~Roll~ a cart organizer into your life and to make your stuff easy to find, or to make your decor really pop!


I have this cart in pink and it helps me keep all sorts of stuff from piling up everywhere. Be sure to assemble each insert according to the picture for a smooth assembly, as they are each sized (slightly) differently.

Promising review: “My 10-year-old twins are loving this addition to their bedroom. Keeps all those things organized. Make-up, fingernail polish, hair supplies, jewelry, scarfs, and many other little bits all in one space and not lost all over the house. Happy mom, too. And super cute!” —Kimberlee

Get it from Amazon for $37.99+ (available in seven colors).


Surround your bed with the privacy of a bed tent for a super cozy vibe. Whether you’re autistic like me or trying to hide from the cat pouncing on you at 3 a.m. (or both!) a bed tent is an excellent way to help you sleep soundly.


Promising review: “I am a cat lady, I have five cats and I love them a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to sleep at night with all of them jumping back and forth on my bed. So I bought this tent to hide from my pets 😆. It works perfectly! Finally, I can sleep peacefully. And no more cats hair on the pillows 👍.” —Anchutka

Additional promising review: “I bought this for my autistic son who absolutely loves this tent.” —Kimberly Duncan

Get it from Amazon for $113.99+ (available in four sizes and five colors). 


Make life-changing alterations and upgrades to your bedroom space with a roll of granite wallpaper. Trust me, you can instantly fancy-up end tables, shelves, vanities, and more — for a fraction of the price a real granite makeover would cost!

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “I do not have the money for a new vanity right now. Insert DIY project of covering my ugly pink bathroom vanity in marble contact paper. It looks 100{7b69b9de36438d361c7735609901fa0dd171d5610b3d58886a55f998d0ab2cb7} better and it’s super durable. It’s a little tricky to work with at first and then you get the hang of it. I’m buying more for my half bath! I decided to do my tabletop in my laundry room and it looks great too. Make sure there is nothing on the surface as bumps will show through. Also, one roll is not enough, always buy more than you think you’ll need!” —Natalie Evans

Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ available in four sizes).


Install these quick, easy, and durable floating shelves to declutter your space or create a decor area in your room.


Promising review: “These shelves are exactly what I needed, and they are perfect. Absolutely zero imperfections or defects, super easy to put up, and even came with the anchors and screws needed, plus an extra screw and anchor for each shelf. I am so glad that I chose these over the others I was looking at. Thank you!!” —Nicki S

Get a set of two from Amazon for $20.99.


Slap a hypoallergenic bamboo mattress pad on top of your bed so you have a more breathable and cool place to rest.


Promising review: “My discomfort while sleeping had gotten to the point where I honestly dreading laying down each night (and this girl normally LOVES her sleep). I finally broke down and did some research about mattress toppers/pads and this one kept popping up as the best reviewed. I had high hopes when I ordered it and I am NOT disappointed! It’s only been two nights, but those two nights have been the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! It’s soft and cushy and seems to hug my body exactly how it needs to in order to provide support. I LOVE this mattress pad and only wish I would’ve purchased it sooner.” —Shannon G

Get it from Amazon for $100.99+ (available in sizes twin–California king).


And stow seasonal items and summer wardrobes in under-the-bed storage containers to keep your room as tidy as possible. No one will even know these are there, except you, of course!


Promising review: “Used this for storing my sons’ video games, etc. under their bed to keep out of the way. Love the fact that you can see what’s inside without opening but still sturdy enough for everyday handling.” —Brooke Ward

Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (available in three colors).


And download a free weekly planner printable you can pin above your desk to keep track of school assignments, work meetings, and other plans for the week.


Cover every window in your bedroom with an excellent set of blackout curtains. They block out sunlight and dampen sound to help you get the peace and quiet you deserve. And they have over 26,000 5-star reviews 👀.


I have these in my bedroom and they are great for when you need to shut out the noisy world to focus or unwind. They also have some insulating capacity for drafty windows!

Promising review: “We recently moved into a new home, which is about a mile or two from a major interstate. We didn’t really realize how noisy it was until night time when all the trucks are going down it. There is just an open field between us and the highway. I was skeptical when I purchased these curtains that they would actually block very much sound. I know layering up bath towels can block almost all the sound, but its also really ugly. These curtains reduced the interstate noise to just a low hum. I was actually able to get some sleep last night.” — John Samwore

Get it from Amazon for $18.48+ (available in11 sizes and 25 colors).


Then, once your room is nice and dark, turn on a galaxy projector that’ll *really* transform your room into an otherworldly place. Reviewers say this helps them slip into a calm state of mind.


Over 37,000 people gave this cosmic projector a 5-star review. 

Promising review: “Holy moly!!! MAGNIFICENT!!! I have been so happy about a purchase in longer than I can recall. I LOVE ambiance and when I partner this cosmic projector (which is what I think it should be called!), with my sound machine that plays crickets, it takes me to another place of altered consciousness. In this crazy, chaotic, increasingly violent world I find it very important to recall the beauty and wonder in the world, and, as cheesy as this may sound, this little machine reminds me of that. Thank you so much for this magical machine!” —DiscernedCitizen

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in three styles). 

Storm Cloud LED / Via Etsy, Strom Cloud LEDS

Strom Cloud LED is a Connecticut-based small business offering multicolor “storm clouds” and DIY LED stormcloud kits.

Promising review: “This cloud has brought a fun whimsy vibe to my home office where I’m spending so much time these days. When I need to think through a problem or issue looking at the cloud fade from one color to the next is a good way to clear my head and gather my thoughts. I think this would also be a great addition to a child’s room or college dorm. The seller delivered promptly and I’ve had no issues with the cloud since I hung it up.” —Jennifer S.

Get it from Strom Cloud LED on Etsy for $46+ (available in four sizes and four power connectivity options).


Fill your room with rainbow light when the sun filters through by putting a no-glue privacy window film on your windows. And FYI, 33,000 people gave this easy-to-install film a 5-star review.


Promising review: “My kitchen window is on the sidewalk near the community mailboxes. Lots of people walking by. I loathe mini blinds which collect dust and grease. Especially since the stove is next to the window. Curtains are better, but still collect cooking smells and grease particles. I installed this in about 10 minutes. It lets in light, but hides me from nosy people.” —Gayle Smith

Read our full write-up of the window film.

Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in seven sizes).


Cozy up in bed with an adorable dino throw blanket. This hand-woven gem will have you *Tyranno-snoring* in no time!

Frankie Print Co / Via Etsy

Frankie Print Co is a small business offering cute woven blankets, wall art printables, and pillows. 

Promising review: “It is perfect! I love it. The blanket and I cuddle on the couch every night!” —Elle Barbieri

Get it from Frankie Print Co on Etsy for $99+ (available in two sizes). 


Improve the air quality in your bedroom big time with an ozone-free Levoit air filter. This little baby has a three-stage filtration system and the ability to circulate air over four times per hour.


The purifier filters allergens, mold, pet dander, dust, smoke, and cooking odors, and covers up to 129 square feet, and it has 26,000 5-star reviews!

Promising review: “I live in a condo. My neighbors smoke. I would sometimes notice a cigarette scent in my home. It was fleeting and not very strong. I found it offensive. Then I got this air filter. I run it in my bedroom for about half of each day. I turn it off when I am not home. It has completely solved the odor from my neighbor’s cigarettes. I never notice a cigarette scent in my condo anymore. It worked great for my situation. I only installed one filter in my bedroom. But it has improved the air in the entire condo. I turn the fan down to one- or two-speed when I sleep. I keep it very close to my bed. The fan is soft and produces a nice white noise effect. Although that may not be the intended feature, I enjoy it.” —SlySalimander

Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in two colors). 


Organize your makeup to take your collection from chaos and messy to calm and tidy in no time. Not to mention it’ll free up more room on your vanity!

AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

Promising review: “It’s a great space saver. I don’t have much room in my bedroom for a makeup vanity but this worked amazing in my bathroom and saved a lot of space. I had all my makeup in a makeup box and it was just a hassle to have to get to it every morning for work. Now I have all my makeup at my reach and it look beautiful as well!” —Erica

Be sure to check out our review of the Ikee Design makeup organizer.

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 17 colors/styles).


Swap out your white-light halogen, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs for bulbs that give off a warmer-tone light, because no one wants to feel like they are staring into the desert sun at midday when they step into their own bedroom.


Idk about y’all but I’m super sensitive to bright lights and this is a topic I am passionate about! Read more about how to choose the right lightbulbs for your bedroom from Sleep.org. But basically, whiter bulbs emit light similar to daylight, which tells your body to stay awake, so warmer-colored bulbs can be better for the bedroom. And while you don’t have to buy fancy Edison bulbs, they will add a cozy vibe to your room!


Stuff pesky cables into a handy wire organizer to tidy up the WFH station or the TV area of your bedroom. I’m in need of a satisfying solution like this for my projector and phone charger cables in my bedroom 👀.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “This product is a life changer! Perfect size for tv, cable, WiFi, Xbox, and sound tower wires. See my photos! So happy!” —Bernice

Get it from Amazon for $28.95 (available in four colors).


Or better yet, do it yourself by storing wires in a wire basket under your desk. The full from In My Own Style tutorial is below!

In My Own Style

Get the full tutorial on how to hide wires in a basket from In My Own Style, which is a helpful blog offering DIY and craft tutorials, room and furniture makeovers, and organizing and decorating tips.


Subscribe to a monthly box of goodies to ensure your room is always filled with everything you need to wind down. Authentic Books is an awesome option for readers looking for a truly immersive experience. They send you wellness products that engage all five of your senses in theme with that month’s book! Peace, quiet, and reading time anyone?


What you get: You’ll get hardcover new releases, a themed candle, themed cocktail or tea, themed self-care and beauty products, and a custom book music playlist to create the perfect immersive realm for your next read.

Promising review: “Wonderful, beautiful book box! So thoughtful and well-curated to fit around your book selection. I really enjoyed opening my book box, and it was obvious there was much time and thought put into it. The products are all high quality and smell/taste amazing! I’m in love with the candle!!! Such an amazing box for me time when I need it most. Thank you for enhancing the reading experience to all senses and for all the time and thought put into making these amazing boxes. Looking forward to the next one!” —Nicole S.

Get it from Cratejoy for $38/month.


Light up your desk with a vintage-style pastel lamp, because your bedroom deserves as much practical and adorable decor as it can possibly handle.

ceoul / Via Etsy

ceoul is a Seoul-based Etsy shop offering cute home goods and decor items such as flower floor cushions, vases, and wall kits. They also offer sweaters, rings, and other cute accessories! 

Get it from ceoul on Etsy for $32.98 (available in seven colors). 


Light a clean-burning lemongrass candle to relax and unwind in your room. This candle is made from a blend of coconut and soy wax with no phthalate fragrances, and it boasts 50 hours of burn time.

12th glow

12th Glow was founded by friends Dana Maddox and Dominyque Davis as a wellness hub for Black women and their allies. From local workshops to beautiful candles, 12th Glow aims to make self-care a soothing, affordable experience.

Get it from 12th glow for $16.


Stop your habit of leaving dirty clothes all over your room with an extra hamper you can hang on the wall or door. That’s more floor space for you, and it has a handy zipper on the bottom to get those clothes right into the washer on laundry day.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “What a great idea to have a hamper that can hang! My daughter’s room has limited space and I felt like I was always tripping over a laundry basket. This hanging hamper is awesome because it has a zipper at the bottom to release all the clothes, instead of having to pick all the clothes out from the top. Attractive green color, too!” —Ellie G.

Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in seven colors).


Make sure you have the right pillow on your bed, depending on the way you like to sleep, because side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers all need different kinds of support!


Comfort yourself with a weighted blanket when you’re feeling stressed or ready to call it a night. Reviewers who struggle to slip into a deep sleep due to anxiety, stress, or night terrors swear by it. The comfort of the weight helps all types of people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!


Promising review: “I was a doubter, but I was also desperate to get a decent night’s sleep. (I deal with severe chronic pain and insomnia). The first thing I did was insert the heavy blanket inside a cover. It was way easier than I expected. I was delighted with the material, the bamboo is silky and feels cool. But the big surprise was when I crawled into bed a good three hours before I usually manage to fall asleep. The next morning I realized I had gone to sleep within minutes — and slept straight through to morning. The first full night’s sleep — with NO sleep medication — in 15 years.” —Violet

Read our full review of this weighted blanket.

Get it from Amazon for $44.90+ (available in 29 colors and sizes Twin–King and kid’s size; choose from 5–30 pounds of added weight).


Wake up gradually every morning by setting a sunrise alarm clock. It’s an amazing little device that mimics the calming light of sunrise to wake you up slowly — ideal for those of us who are dedicated to the art of waking up gently!


Reviewers say this clock also helps them feel less groggy in the morning!

Promising review: “This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon. And I shop here A LOT!! I’m not usually a morning person but the available sounds to wake up to are so peaceful and always put a smile on my face right when I wake up. I love the sunrise light. You can choose the brightness as well as color of light you prefer to wake up to. And I’ve noticed that the light actually slowly turns on several minutes before the alarm even goes off. My favorite part about this clock is actually the simplest part of it all. I had used my iPhone alarm clock for years and it was starting to either put me in a really bad mood when the alarm went off or it wasn’t waking me up anymore at all LOL. So I decided to purchase an alarm clock and I’m super happy I came across this one! This is 100{7b69b9de36438d361c7735609901fa0dd171d5610b3d58886a55f998d0ab2cb7} worth the purchase and I highly recommend this alarm clock to anyone. Especially if you aren’t a morning person like myself. Trust me, it helps. :)” —SLR

Get it from Amazon for $45.98 (available in two styles).


Create a cozy little nook for yourself with hammock chair and a cute throw pillow cover so you can read or watch a movie from somewhere that isn’t your bed!


The hammock comes with the macrame chair and a heavy-duty hanging hardware kit so all you have to do is drill a hole in the ceiling, insert the iron hooks, and hang. It can support up to 330 lbs.

Promising review: “What a cool fun hanging chair to have in my living room. It was easy to install and completely safe for an adult to sit in. My dog likes joining me on my lap also. Highly recommended.” —BO B.

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.


Enjoy essential oil aroma wafting through your room by adding a galaxy-style diffuser to your nightstand. The mesmerizing LED lights will help make your bedroom a relaxing place to be.


Just be sure to be mindful of which essential oils are safe to use around pets if you have those little babes at home!

Promising review: This diffuser is awesome!! My son is emphatic that it’s the coolest diffuser he’s ever seen and he wants one in every room 😂 🐦 I’ve been using it in a bedroom and it effectively fills the whole room with aroma. The cover is actually glass, which I was really impressed by. The base and interior are a hard plastic. The buttons are conveniently located at the front and the cord was surprisingly long, which is nice when outlet space is at a premium. But the most impressive thing about this diffuser is how cool it is in the dark. My kids exclaimed that it’s like watching fireworks! We are all really enjoying it. I also love that Aroma Outfitters is a family business located here in the states. They stand behind this diffuser with a two-year warranty, which I’ve never seen before, so you really can’t go wrong. Tonight as our family was sitting around watching the diffuser my husband said it’s the best diffuser we’ve ever had! We’re all big fans!! —The Gales

Get it from Amazon for $39.99.


Add a pop of color to your walls with an adorable neon cat light I may or may not be in love with. Those little whiskers just scream “welcome to the vibe cave.”

4everlight / Via Etsy

4everlight is a Hong Kong-based Etsy shop specializing in all kinds of neon signs.

Promising review: “This light is very good quality. It’s bright and has even-colored light throughout, and a solid base/mounting mechanism. It’s basically the size of a letter-sized sheet of paper.” —Craig

Get it from 4everlight on Etsy for $29.99+ (available in nine colors, can also choose two colors). 


Give your bedroom a big dose of squish with this adorable seal pillow. You — and I cannot stress this enough — will *not* be able to put down. I have this bby and it is so comfy I often use it as a pillow!


Not to mention it has over 4,000 5-star reviews. 

Promising review: “Very chonk. Was small at first but after being out of the box for a day he’s nice and thicc like God intended.” —Notadogwithablogg

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes S-L).


And workout from the comfort of your own room with a freestanding pull-up bar and dip station. If you’ve used one of these before, you already know it’ll give core, chest, bicep, and many more muscles a stellar workout!


It’s a good thing I *don’t* have the space for this in my bedroom, otherwise I would truly never leave it.

Promising review: “The main reason I bought this was for doing pull ups without a wall mount and it is very adequate for that. What I did not anticipate was how useful it would also be as a stretching aid. I deal with chronic neck and shoulder pain and this device is helping me manage that better than I have been able to for the last 10+ years. Never mind the pull ups, just grabbing the bar with one or both arms and lightly hanging/stretching —it is a godsend. The grips that accommodate the knee raises help with this as well. Again, doing the knee raises is good, too! But the stretching aspects this device can help with — perhaps it’s a niche interest but I’m leaving this review for those in that market as well. A++ solid recommend.” —A.Voss

Get it from Amazon for $185.99.

You loving life in your bedroom:


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