12 Best Bedside Reading Lamps

12 Best Bedside Reading Lamps
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It seems like a small thing to have the perfect bedside lamp for all your reading/video-watching/scrolling through Twitter at 1 a.m. needs. But it makes all the difference to freshen up your space with stuff that you love, kay? Having an on-point home lighting sitch, much like having a cute lil plant, can totally boost your mood. IMHO, the bedside lamp of your dreams isn’t just the thing you fumble for after you’re finally ready to set down your latest sexy romance novel. Some of these are literal works of art; I *might* have even gasped out loud at some of these. Trust me, you’ll know which ones. No matter what your aesthetic is, you deserve some artful lighting rn.

There’s a little something for everyone on this list: If your bedroom also happens to be your WFH office, ugh, but also I know exactly what you need. If you want to gift yourself one (or two) absolutely gorgeous lamps that look like mini sculptures, come right this way (there’s one that looks like a crystal on this list, too, because I would never not share that with you). If you’ve got sensitive eyes or want a particular vibe when reading a late-night book, or just love using your dimmer switch to catch the ~perfect~ ambiance as you unwind: I have anticipated all your needs. Or even if you’re putting a few things on your vision board for the bedroom of your dreams, I’ve compiled these cool, innovative, beautiful reading lamps just for you.

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Most Portable

Lito Classic Wood Portable Light in Blonde Maple

This gorge, Shark Tank-winning product actually looks like a lil book when you close it up. Open it, and the origami-style “pages” emit a supersweet yellow glow. Great for reading at home, yes, but also perf for when you’re traveling and want a little more illumination.


Best for Charging

Elizabeth USB Table Lamp

Not only is this lamp modern and minimal (perfect for just about every decor style), it offers wireless and USB-cord charging, tyvm. Either place your phone on the circular charging pad at the base, or plug it into the USB dock at the side so you can read and charge at the same time. Absolute fave.  


Best Handmade

Pot of Light Hand-Woven Bedside Lamp

I mean, it’s literally called a pot of light!! Handmade locally by women in Marrakech, the raffia material is made out of palm leaves and is, you guessed it, ~biodegradable~. Sustainable reading lamps FTW! 


Most Architectural

Chamber Ceramic Table Lamp

Ooo, yes plz. Serve up donut-meets-modern-art vibes with these handmade ceramic beauts. It’ll look like you’ve got a pricey sculpture right next to your bed—a mood boost every time you glance over at it.


Most Gorgeous

Glass Gem LED Table Lamp

…k, but if you love crystals you have to get this. I don’t make the rules! Come on, though, how pretty is this iridescent rock-shaped lamp, which gives off a perfect warm white light (bonus: there’s a dimmer switch for customizing your vibe!!). 


Best Dimmable

Maskor Table Light

Named after the Basque word for “seashell,” the rings on this pretty lil lamp are designed to look like a sea creature. It’s also got a smooth, subtle dimming switch so its reading-worthy brightness is customizable. Plus, um, it’s literally made out of plants?


Best for Customization

LED Desk Lamp

This lamp sports a USB port for phone charging but also has *four* settings to match what you’re doing (reading, studying, relaxing, or sleeping), as well as a dimmer switch. Plus, the head swivels 180 degrees to keep the light out of your S.O’s eyes if they’re sleeping next to you.


Best Sconce

Classics Happy Sconce: Right Side

A sconce (wall-mounted light, ICYMI) is an amazing choice for your bedroom lighting situation because it won’t take up any room on your bedside table—more room for your books/phone! These asymmetrical modern bbs have that extra ~cool~ factor because the globes are a contrasting matte color and the left-side version is a mirror image of the right one.


Best for a Headboard

Clip Lamp

Or you can opt for something, *ahem*, a little less pricey! Just clip this small but fabulous reading light to your nightstand, headboard, desk, laptop, or wherever else is gonna get you the best light. It’s also just cute, tbh.


Best “Candle”

Sylvestrina Lamp

Ummmmm I need this in my life rn: It’s a wireless, electronic take on an old-school candle/oil lamp— so it’s like you’re reading by candlelight. A splurge? You bet, but what better way to channel your best Bridgerton vibes than with this? (All you need is your dashing Regency lover!)


Best Gift

Black Metal Modern Tab

This orb shade lamp is beautiful, and I’m not just saying that because (ahem) it’s a CosmoLiving lamp! The base is marble, the stand is iron, and the whole thing feels substantial and luxe. But it’ll also fit effortlessly with whatever bedroom decor your giftee has. 


Most Fun

Friendship Lamps (set of 2)

K, but just wait until you hear what these two lamps can do. You get one, your long-distance BFF/S.O./whomever you’re close to gets one. You touch the lamp, it turns a special color—and so does theirs at the very same time, no matter where they are. You’re chilling in bed reading…and all of a sudden your lamp illuminates, because your person is thinking of you. Awwwww!  

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